Already a number of years I take my photographs in digital technic, first of all with a Canon 40D / 50D and now days

with a 1D MKIV / 5D MKIII and since 1 year the Canon 7D MKII.

Before my digital era, I started with a Nikon and Praktika camera and I developed and printed myself in my Darkroom.

Also I made at that time a lot of slides, "boxes full".


But now, in the digital age, this work is done by the PC and the number of "shots" prepared in a day are

significantly more than in the time of te film.

With some Macro and Telephoto lenses on the listed cameras and the beanbag or tripod underneath it's a

magnificient hobby to practice.


By placing an extentiontube 20 or 36mm on a small telephotolens it can be a good combination for semi-Macrophotography.

The big advantage is, that you are able to stay in distance from the object, because bugs (Dragonflies / Butterflies)

will be scared so easily.


This method of photography can by the birdphotographer as a nice in addition, where a small telephotolens

all needs and the weight of this combination will be perceived as pleasant.

And when it's once more bad weather again, then are always shoored pictures to be edited on the PC.







Misschien tot ziens in de Natuur!

Vielleicht sehen wir uns in der Natur!

Maybe see you in Nature!